Implantable medical devices

Implantable medical devices

We specialize in research, development, and manufacturing of high-end implantable medical devices and provide high value-added medical service. 


  • ReDura™ Synthetic Dural Sustitute 

    FDA approved degradable material poly-L-lactic acid (PLA)Widely applied in 60+ countriesOutstanding efficacy and safety for the dural defect repair
  • NeoDura™ Novel Dural Patch

    An absorbable dural repair patch made of novelcomposite material consists of synthetic material and gelatin
  • Recranio™ Cranio-Maxillofacial repair system

    In place of traditional materialPerfect for complicated cranio-maxillofacial restoration
  • StypCel™ Absorbable Hemostat

    100% absorbable within 7-14 daysHemostasis in capillary, venous as well as small artery bleedingStypCel™ works when ligation or other conventional methods areimpracticable or ineffective.

3D Bioprinting

  • LivPrint™

    Globally 1st team to put biological 3D printing into practice—we made it