Recranio™ Cranio-Maxillofacial repair system

In place of traditional material

Perfect for complicated cranio-maxillofacial restoration

Novel Material

Polyether ether ketone(PEEK)

  • Light Yet strong

    Withstand compressive stress up to 530 PSI
    Less foreign body sensation, more comfortable experience

  • Biocompatibility

    More than 20 years in clinical application

  • Radiolucency

    Non-magnetic and highly translucent to X-ray

Elastic modulus

Similar elastic modulus with native bone, ideal choice for bone replacement

3D Precisely Design

Customized shape and thickness
Perfect contour restoration

CT/MRI friendly

Favorable for postoperative tracking

CT/MRI friendly

Favorable for postoperative tracking

Optional designs

Drainage hole, Notch, Bridge, Groove, Cranio Plug and Plate

Recranio™-- perfect for complicated cranio-maxillofacial restoration

Recranio™Titanium Based
Customized - computer aided reconstructionManual or 3D modeling
Embedded implantOverlay implant
Smooth edges, more comfortable experienceSharp edges, risk of material explosure

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