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NeoDura™ is an absorbable dural repair patch made of novel, composite material consists of synthetic material and gelatin.


Suture & Onlay

NeoDura™ can be sutured or applied as an onlay.

NeoDura™ is strong enough to hold the sutures, yet can be easily hydrated by simply soaking in the saline. Therefore, it can be sutured on the defect, or be applied as an onlay, as per surgeon’s selection.



Physical barrier between brain tissue and the skull

We have tested the anti-adhesion properties of NeoDura™ against brain tissue, animal study showed that regardless of implantation time, NeoDura™ remained non-adhesive to the brain tissue, which will not lead to complications from the surgery.



Softer & More Conformable

NeoDura™ is softer and more conformable than collagen based dural substitute. When hydrated, it becomes opaque and blood vessels can be observed through, making it easier for the surgeons to judge the needs of hemostasis.


Tearing Resistance

Anatomical observation of dura tissue repaired by different materials, at 2, 4, and 12 weeks post-implantation . Results demonstrate high mechanical strength of NeoDura™           



Promote Rapid Regeneration

Optimized for implant-tissue integration

The fibrous structure provides a temporary scaffold for growth of dural cells.



In conclusion, NeoDura is an ideal choice for dural substitute for both patients and surgeons, for the properties and the fact that it leads to rapid regeneration. 

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