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Bioresorbable Membrane


Bioresorbable Membrane is indicated to be used after dental bone grafting procedure as a barrier membrane in the regeneration of bone defects and to enhance soft tissue formation, e.g. in

-GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) procedures

-Immediate or delayed augmentation around implants placed in extraction sockets -Localized ridge augmentation for later implantation

-Alveolar ridge reconstruction for prosthetic treatment

-Filling of bone defects in the maxillofacial area

-GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration) procedures in periodontal defects.


Bioresorbable Membrane is recommended to be used in combination with void-filling bone graft materials such as autologous bone or bone substitutes.



Ø  Bioresorbable Membrane is mainly based on bioresorbable synthetic material manufactured by emerging biomimetic technology.

Ø  Bioresorbable Membrane owns 3D fibrous network resembling the extracellular matrix, and offers extremely high mechanical strength and excellent handling.

Ø  Bioresorbable Membrane retains its structure integrity and mechanical strength even when hydrated.

Ø  The duration of barrier function of Bioresorbable Membrane ensures sufficient new bone formation during bone regeneration process.

Ø  The fibrous structure of Bioresorbable Membrane is hydrophobited and provides excellent environment for migration and growth of cells of fibrous tissue.

Ø  Bioresorbable Membrane is sterilized by γ-irradiation.

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